Afraid Of Spending Too Much On Routine Lawn Care? 3 Ways To Reduce Your Recurring Costs

You may love being a homeowner and having a beautiful lawn, but you might not like the work involved. Hiring house cleaners, window washers, and lawn care professionals (such as those from Hedahl Landscape Deck & Patio) can dismiss you of these duties. If you do not want to handle these tasks at any given time, you are going to need routine services. But, the costs could start adding up to more than you want to pay when you do not optimize things. It is helpful to figure out how you can minimize costs on lawn care services to make it less impactful on your finances.   

Stop Using the Sprinkler System

While you do not want to let your grass die, you do not need to water it on a daily basis. Combining natural rainfall with your sprinkler system can cause the grass to grow at a rapid rate. Overly tall grass should be cut, which means you will need to get lawn care services more often with frequent sprinkler use. By learning how to adjust your sprinkler system to accommodate just enough to keep your grass alive and healthy, you can avoid excessive growth to the point of needing a weekly mowing.

Let the Grass Grow Tall

Each type of grass has its own ideal heights. For instance, fine fescue grass is perfect anywhere from 1.5 inches to 4 inches long, but having it mowed at 2.5 inches is an unnecessary move. Letting this type of grass grow to the maximum 4 inches will ensure that it stays healthy and is trimmed minimally. It is essential to determine which type or grass you have on your lawn to find the best heights. The only time in which you should cut it short is right before snowfall occurs to avoid major problems with snow mold.

Collect Grass for Weed Control

When you get your grass cut, you have the option to pick it up or leave it on the lawn. For the most part, you do not have to worry about picking it up as it will just get incorporated into the surrounding landscape. But, picking up the grass is essential when you are having weed problems. Keeping weed seeds off of your lawn is one of the most effective ways to minimize or eliminate weed growth in your yard. With this issue out of the picture, you will not have to mow as much to take care of the weeds alone.  

If you want to cut costs on lawn care, following these tips will yield positive results.

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