Ideas For Gardening With A Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden offers many benefits. First off, you can attract birds and even small wildlife, depending on the feature. Second, if you choose a running water feature, your garden is filled with the sound of water music. Finally, the play of water and light adds an extra dimension of beauty to your landscaping. Design your garden around a water feature to enjoy these benefits.

Formal Fountain Garden

Perhaps the most classic of all water gardens is a formal style with a fountain at the center. Imagine creating a traditional French garden in your backyard. Install a tiered fountain and design pathways that lead to the fountain. The pathways should be straight for a formal air. From there, choose a selection of daylilies, impatiens and hosta. Plant them in regular rows or clumps around your fountain. Choose a border plant, such as Canadian bicolor or tickseed, to edge your walkways. This type of garden requires a fair amount of space.

Shady Water Garden

Speaking of hosta, if you have a shady spot, consider transforming it into your water garden. Hosta is a shade-loving plant with pleasantly pointy, often variegated leaves. Consider starting with a modern, geometric fountain because the leaves will complement the style. Plant a selection of different hosta varieties around the fountain in irregular clumps. Finish the look with a pretty groundcover plant, such as greater periwinkle or lady' mantle. The garden can be a regular shape with borders, or you could let the groundcover plants spread out into the rest of the landscaping.

Wildlife Pool

Birds and small wildlife enjoy a good pool. If you'd like re-enact a lake scene in your backyard, start with a small, in-ground pool. For a more natural effect, choose a freeform pool. Square works for a formal look. For the plant life, submerge umbrella palms and sweet flag planted in plastic pots around the perimeter. Add pretty water-loving plants such as elephant's ear, water hyacinth and tropical waterlily. For landscaping around the pool, the Landscaping Network suggests looking for plants that won't drop leaves into the water but still offer a lush profile, such as papyrus and hibiscus.

Small Water Garden

You don't have to have a grand space to enjoy a water garden. Instead, start with a small fountain or birdbath, and plant around it to draw attention to the water feature. Plant large, architectural plants near the water feature, such as canna and arrowhead. These draw attention to the water feature. Add pretty flowers – talk to your local landscaping experts about the varieties that do best in your locale. Finally, fill in with fragrant plants, such as lemon verbena and creeping thyme. This adds another level of sensory pleasure to your small water garden.

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