3 Tips For Making Your Synthetic Turf Look Realistic

If you are considering installing synthetic turf in your yard to cut down on maintenance time and costs, you will be happy to know that many modern synthetic turf options look realistic. For example, many modern companies blend colors and heights of individual blades of synthetic grass to make your synthetic grass have the appearance of the same life cycle that natural grass has. However, to make sure your synthetic turf looks as realistic as possible, you should follow these three tips. 

Carefully Consider the Type of Turf You Purchase 

Most synthetic turf companies offer a variety of turf types that mimic the various types of natural grass available in the United States. It is important to know which types of grass grow naturally in your area in order for your lawn to look realistic and natural. You can look for your zone to find out the types of grass that grow in your area or you can visit a local botanical garden to ask what types of grass are native to your area. Finally, talk with your synthetic turf supplier to find the closest match for your region. 

Consider Various Lengths for Your Turf 

Synthetic turf comes in a variety of lengths and it can often be cut to order. This allows you to decide whether you would like your yard to appear constantly trimmed, with short synthetic turf or a little more rugged with longer options. Choosing a medium to long length for your yard may make it look a little less groomed, but it can add to the realistic appearance of your turf, especially if the rest of your yard is not always perfectly maintained. 

Integrate Your Synthetic Turf With Living Plants 

Synthetic turf can integrate well with living plants. For example, sections of turf can be cut out to accommodate bushes and trees in your yard. Additionally, artificial turf in sections where your pet roams or parties are held can be mixed with sections of live turf further away from your home. Blending synthetic turf with natural plant life will help your yard look more natural and give it the appearance of living. 

If you are considering purchasing and installing synthetic turf for a residential application, it is important to create a plan for making your turf look realistic. Besides planning, it is also important to purchase quality synthetic turf and work with an experienced contractor to install your turf.   

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