Remove A Dying Evergreen From The Ground And Replace It With A Similar Tree

If a small evergreen that was growing on your company's property was struck by lighting and is dying as a result, remove it with the following steps and plant a similar tree in the same spot. Once you have finished the following steps, the land will have an improved appearance and you can easily care for the new tree by providing it with plenty of water.

Supplies Needed

  • replacement tree
  • water hose
  • piece of burlap 
  • rope
  • large shovel
  • hand shovel
  • safety goggles
  • power saw
  • wheelbarrow
  • drop cloth 
  • measuring tape
  • soil
  • rake
  • mulch
  • grass seed

Moisten The New Tree's Root System

Spray the new tree's roots with a water hose for a couple minutes. Wrap a piece of burlap around the tree's root ball and secure the material by tying a piece of rope around it. It is necessary to keep the roots moist so that the new tree does not die.

Remove The Dying Tree From The Ground

Use a large shovel to dig down into the ground around the perimeter of the dying tree. Remove the soil and place it in a pile. If any soil is compacted around a portion of the dying tree's root system, loosen it with a hand shovel. Continue removing soil from the ground until the dying tree's trunk moves back and forth with ease. Pull the tree upwards with both of your hands and lay it on the ground.

Put on a pair of safety goggles and use a power saw to cut the tree up into several pieces and place them all in a wheelbarrow so that you can transport them without struggling to another part of your property. If you do not wish to cut up the tree, you can lay the tree on a drop cloth and drag it across the ground.

Plant The New Tree

Remove the rope and piece of burlap that is wrapped around the new tree's root system. Measure the depth and width of the tree's root system and make sure that the hole that you have removed the original tree from is large enough for it. Hold the tree upwards and insert the roots into the hole. Cover the roots with shovelfuls of soil. Even out the soil at the surface of the ground with a rake, and add water around the base of the tree with a water hose.

Sprinkle a layer of mulch or grass seed around the tree's trunk so that the ground will not be bare in the future. Provide the tree with plenty of water whenever the ground is dry. The tree will thrive and beautify the property that your business is located on.

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