3 Fun Features To Add To Your Landscape Design

Choosing what features you would like to add to your landscape design can be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to personalize it. This article will discuss 3 fun features to add to your landscaping.

A Pond 

A fun feature to add to your landscape design is a pond. A pond is perfect if you want to have some animals as part of your landscape design. The pond can house large goldfish or other types of fish, tadpoles and frogs, or whatever water animal you would like that can thrive in the environment that you live in. The pond is created by first digging out your space for the pond and then lining the entire area with a liner. You will then want to add the water to the pond and create some type of rock structure or other aesthetically pleasing feature around the pond. At this point you will want to treat the water and then add your animals to it. Also, be sure that your pond is going to have heating and air features so that it can keep the water from freezing during the cold months and also provide plenty of oxygen for the animals. 

A Waterfall

If you are going for an elegant and scenic type of landscape design, you can have a waterfall installed. A waterfall is created by placing rocks carefully on a hill or other elevated area for all of the water to run down. You will then need to have a water hookup brought to this area to create a continuous flow of water. A manmade waterfall in your backyard can be made to look quite natural and will be something that you will enjoy watching whenever you are in your yard. 

A Rock Garden

A rock garden is a great creation to add to your landscape design if you don't want to have a project that is going to take a lot of time and effort to take care of. A rock garden is created by using small rocks on a certain area, and then accenting them with larger rocks. These rocks can be whatever style or color you would like, and you can also place them where ever you want within the garden. To care for the rocks, all you are going to need to do is place landscape fabric down before you put them in place, and then pull any weeds that happen to grow up through the fabric over time. 

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