Hardscaping Your Yard For Virtually No Lawn Maintenance

A low maintenance home means less time cleaning and more time enjoying your home and family. If you are setting up your home to be low maintenance, your biggest chore will be creating a low maintenance exterior. Here are some ways to make a beautiful yet mostly carefree backyard that will allow you to enjoy your home, through hardscaping

Concrete most of the backyard

If you have pets, it would be a good idea to leave some patches of grass in the yard for them to be able to potty. If you want to avoid most yard work, you can put down concrete pavement so that the yard is mostly carefree. You can do this by paving the actual yard or sitting down concrete tile. All the work that the concrete will take is sweeping every once in a while. 

Put up a small tent with curtains

If you want a place for your family to hang out, a deck can be a lot of trouble. You have to get the deck built and you must make sure that the wood in the deck does not root nor become too waterlogged and require replacement. Putting up a canopy tent will allow you to host sofas, chairs, and tables directly on the concrete of the backyard. Get a tent that allows you to close the curtains at the entrances if you need to block out the sun. It is also a good idea to invest in a tent that you can zip up during the rainy weather. This means zero maintenance for your backyard seating area and no worries of weather and spills. 

String lights around the backyard

When it comes to lighting there is nothing better than string lights. You can string these anywhere you can put a nail or thumb tacks and all that you have to do is plug them into an outlet to turn the on. The best part about string lights is that they create the perfect aura for any event. Whether your backyard birthday party runs a little long into the night or if you are trying to create a magical, romantic date night. 

Waterfall statue

If you want to make your background a little more peaceful but don't want the upkeep of things like a koi pond, select a water fountain for your backyard. These can be plugged into a wall outlet or they can run off of batteries for ease of usage. There are water statues that suit any decor fancy, such as waterfall statues that look like a rock formations and water statues that create a wishing well foundation look. Select your favorite to install a peaceful sounding water flow to your backyard without increasing your maintenance at all. 

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