2 Ways To Cut Down On Lawn Maintenance

One of the worst parts about trying to keep a nice lawn is that it can require quite a bit of work to maintain it. However, there are a few ways to cut down on your lawn maintenance while still having a beautiful lawn, such as the two listed below.

Plant Slow Growing Grass

The biggest way that you can help cut down on lawn maintenance while still keeping a beautiful lawn is to plant varieties of grass that do not grow quickly, which will result in you not having to mow your lawn as often. In many cases, drought-resistant grass varieties will grow at a fraction of the rate as other grass types while also having the added bonus of being quite hardy and resistant to damage.

In addition, this type of grass will not require you to water it as often, which will result in even less lawn maintenance work for you. Some of the most common slow growing grass varieties that you should consider are zoysia, buffalo, and bahia. 

Reduce The Size Of Your Lawn

Another option if you want to reduce lawn maintenance is to consider reducing the size of your lawn. By reducing the size of your lawn, you can cut down on the amount of time that you need to spend mowing or watering your grass. A few ways to reduce the size of your lawn can include installing water features, building walkways, or simply paving over a portion of your lawn to create an entertaining space for guests or a play area for your family. 

One of the side benefits that this can provide is that some areas that experience little rainfall throughout the year may give you money for replacing portions of your lawn with features that do not require a lot of water. The amount of money that you receive will depend on how much grass you removed and replaced. For example, Glendale, Arizona will offer residents between $150-$750 for reducing the size of their lawns.

Contact a lawn care service today in order to discuss what changes you can make to your lawn in order to cut down on the amount of work required to maintain it. Planting slow growing grass and reducing the size of the lawn can allow you to have a nice lawn without having to spend a large portion of your day off working on it.

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