Integrate Hardscaping Into Your Front Yard

Homeowners often spend a lot of effort, making their backyard beautiful and functional because they spend so much time there. However, the front yard directly affects the curb appeal of your house. You can even lounge there, if you build in some privacy. Integrate hardscaping with landscaping for a front yard that complements your home.

Design the Driveway Pavement

Plain asphalt or cement gets the job done. However, you can design the driveway to look more attractive. If you want asphalt, choose a color other than black. With cement, you have even more options. You can have the slab stamped and stained to resemble another material, such as cobblestone or brick. You can also start with one color of slab and have it bordered in another color. Have the border stamped or etched for additional visual appeal.

Incorporate Privacy

If you want to be able to lounge in your front yard, incorporating privacy is a must. It's not necessary to have a full privacy fence installed. Instead, select a corner for your private lounge spot. Have a tree planted there, or install a pergola and train plants over the structure. Place the tree or pergola so it shields your outdoor lounge from passersby.

Add a Water Fountain

Another method for making your front yard lounge more serene is with the sound of water music, according to the Landscaping Network. Style and selection of the fountain are the key elements here. The style of fountain needs to complement your house's façade. If your home has a low façade, look for a shorter fountain. Additionally, try to stay in the same design style, such as a modern fountain for a contemporary home. For placement, ensure it's clearly visible from both the house and street. Likewise, you should be able to hear the water music well from your outdoor lounge, if designing one.

Light for Effect

Your front yard landscaping should look attractive in the evening as well. For that, you'll need to have specialized lighting installed. Obviously the pathway needs to be lit for safety. Stagger the lights, though, to avoid a runway effect. If you have a tall structure, such as a pergola or fountain, consider uplighting it. With this effect, contractors place a low-voltage light at the base and shine it up to highlight the structure. If a pretty tree dominates your front yard, moonlighting is a good option. Contractors place light fixtures high in the branches which mimic the effect of moonlight when lit.

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