Two Approaches For New Lawn Installation And Why One Approach May Work Better For You

If you bought an older home that sits on a piece of property with a lawn that is very bumpy and unkempt, you may want to install a new lawn. A new lawn installation will make the property look more attractice than it does currently, and will be healthier and easier to manage than a scraggly, bumpy, half-dead lawn. Here are two approaches for installing an new lawn with the use of sod, and why one approach may work better for you than the other.

Ripping out the Old Lawn

The more expensive approach is to rip out all the remnants of your old lawn. Your landscaping contractor brings in a backhoe and/or a frontloader to push and dig all of the scraps of grass up. Then he or she will shove the lumpy areas of your yard around until the dirt is all level and at the same height throughout the yard. If any old tree stumps are discovered during this process, the landscaper may remove these as well. Once the old yard is completely gone and the dirt is all level, then the landscaper rolls out all of your new, green sod for an instantly perfect lawn.

Covering and/or Burying the Old Lawn

The other approach is to just roll sod out over the top of the old lawn. This forces the old lawn to become fertilizer and food for the sod, and gives the sod the chance to set down roots in all of the areas where there was no grass. If your yard is especially lumpy, your landscaper may decide to bury the old lawn under a layer of dirt, filling in the valleys and holes so that the yard becomes more level. Then the sod is rolled out over the buried lawn. Your landscaper may decide to utilize both the covering and burying steps for a more unified final appearance.

Why One of These Approaches May Work Better for You and Your Lawn

Price here is a big factor. Most people opt to just cover and/or bury the old lawn under the new sod because it does not cost as much as ripping the whole yard up and smoothing out the soil underneath. Labor is another reason--less labor is involved in the covering/burying approach and less labor translates into less cost, too. However, the flip side of this coin is that you will get a more perfect-looking lawn when you pay for the landscaping contract to grade (level) the entire yard before rolling out and installing the sod. The sod will take root faster in the turned earth, too, providing you with a more solid lawn in shorter time. Contact a company like Sergio's Lawn Service for more information.

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