Two Invasive Weeds on Your Lawn and How to Remove Them

There are some lawn weeds you will find that are very difficult to completely remove, including the two weeds below. Fortunately, these weeds will not hurt your lawn, but they can take away from its beauty. Below are some tips on how you can remove them.


Dandelions pop up all over lawns in the spring, and simply pulling them out will not remove them. You have to remove the root along with the plant to keep them from growing back again. This is almost impossible to do on your own, as dandelion roots go deep into the ground.

There are weed killers on the market that you can use to kill these weeds without harming your lawn. This product should be applied in the spring. Visit a garden center; the employees there can help you choose a weed killer that will work best for you. If you still see dandelions popping up, reapply the weed killer again. Follow the instructions on the label for how to properly use the product you purchase.


If you see clusters of tiny white flowers all over your lawn, then you likely have the yarrow weed. When you step on these flowers, they release an aroma. When the weed is stepped on, seeds from the flowers can spread on your lawn, causing the weed to spread. Yarrow grows best in dry and sandy conditions and on lawns that are lacking nutrients. If you only see a few yarrow plants on your lawn, you can dig and hoe these areas to remove them and keep them from spreading. This is only effective however, if you dig down into the soil approximately a foot and remove every speck of this weed that you can.

There are chemicals you can purchase made to remove this weed. You can apply the product to your lawn starting in the spring and going through the fall. Removing the yarrow will likely require more than one treatment. Put some fertilizer on your lawn so it is not lacking in nutrients.

One of the best ways to stop both of these weeds from growing on your lawn is to choke them out. You can do this by having a thick lawn. When you mow, set the mower at a high setting to keep the grass thick. If you have a lawn-mowing service such as Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. mow your lawn for yard for you, make sure you tell them to mow at this setting.

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