Strategies That Can Help You Evaluate Your Residential Lawn Service

When you hire a lawn service to mow your lawn and perform other related jobs around your yard, you'll happily find that you have more free time at your disposal because you no longer have to tend to such frequent duties. It's important to make sure, however, that the service you hire is correctly addressing the finer points of the job. Anyone can simply cut the lawn for you, but the best lawn services will stand out for their ability to perform a variety of subtle tasks that show their professionalism and dedication to their craft. Once the job is done, here are some ways that you can evaluate the job that the lawn service is doing.

Trimming Around Obstacles

The best lawn services train their employees to take a conscientious approach to trimming around obstacles. This means that if you have trees, street signs or a fire hydrant in your yard, you shouldn't see any errant blades of grass around the base of any of these things. Take a quick tour around your yard after the job is done to check how these obstacles look. You should expect that your lawn service employee will have used either a power trimmer or a hand trimmer to remove the grass around these things so that they're as neat and tidy as your lawn itself.

Sweeping Up Afterward

Even if the lawn service employee uses a bag on the mower to catch the grass clippings, it's often possible for several clippings to get blown around your yard. This should compel the person to take some time to sweep up after the mowing job is done. When the lawn service employee departs, your driveway, patio and any other elements around your yard should be free of glass clippings so that everything has a tidy, cared-for appearance.

Raking First

If you're home when the lawn service arrives during an autumn visit, check to see if the person takes the time to rake up any leaves on your lawn before beginning the process of mowing the lawn. This level of attentiveness is ideal, as simply mowing over the leaves will shred them into small pieces and leave you with a mess that detracts from the visual appeal of your yard. The best lawn services will rake up the leaves before mowing to leave you with a clean finished product, as well as cart the leaves away so that you don't have to deal with them. Contact a business, such as The Cutting Edge Lawn and Landscaping LLC  for more information. 

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