3 Exterior Cosmetic Changes To Attract Tenants To Your Vacent Rental Property

As a landlord, even if you only own a single rental property, then you understand how important it is to not have a vacant property. Every month that your space sits empty, you are losing income. So,it's important to make sure that you have a fast turnover. If your place has sat empty for longer then you feel comfortable, then you should make an effort to make the outside area (house and lawn) look beautiful. If you've already taken care to make sure the interior is nice, then it's important to make sure the outside is nice as well. People make instant judgements on a place, and if prospective tenants arrive to the house and see a messy lawn and chipped paint, they won't be too impressed, even if the inside of the house is beautiful. So, here's what to do.

Paint or Powerwash

Nothing will make a house look worse than a faded exterior. If you have wooden clapboard, shakes, or shingles, then you should get them repainted. This is a fast and easy way to make the house look brand new. If you own a ranch style house (or another single story design) then you can even manage it yourself if you don't mind the effort involved. If it's a two-story home, you are going to probably bring in professional painters because of the high work involved (painting on a ladder is tricky and time consuming).

If you have vinyl siding, you should bring in a company and have it power washed. This will wash away all of the grime and make the house look clean and new.

Fix Any Bare Spots On The Lawn

The next step is to bring in a landscaper and have them fix your lawn. Nothing makes a property look worse than a dirt yard with some patches of weeds. If your last tenants didn't take care of the lawn (or you failed to) then it's time to fix that problem. You can have a landscaper come in and lay new sod so that you have a bright green lawn without the wait that comes with seeding. Then, once the lawn is up and thriving, you need to keep in contact with the landscapers. Have them come by and do routine maintenance (weeding, patch work, fertilizing, mowing) so that you don't have to spend time at the property yourself and you don't have to ask your tenants to do it.

Bring In Flowers

Another way to brighten up the property is to bring in flowers. You can have the landscaper create a small strip in front of your house and plant annual flowers. These will already be in bloom, and will stay colorful for the season. They could separate the strip from the main lawn by using cedar chips, or small pebbles. If you prefer to have large plants, you could ask landscapers like Pattie Group, Inc to bring in large potted plants in big planters that can be situated at either side of your front door.


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