Three Ways To Minimize Routine Yard And Garden Chores

If you're like most homeowners, you're looking forward to getting outside and enjoying your outdoor living space now that the warm weather is right around the corner. What you may not be looking forward to, however, is the return of seasonal lawn and garden chores. If you're the type who'd rather relax in leisure while enjoying outdoor barbecues rather than maintaining your landscaping, you're in luck—there are many yard and garden strategies designed to minimize the amount of routine care necessary to maintain an attractive appearance. 

Following are three things that you can do to cut down on yard work and leave more time for relaxation. 

Minimize Your Lawn Area

Unless you also grow a big vegetable garden, you probably already know that lawns take up more time than most other landscape components—so consider minimizing your lawn area and putting in a rock garden or other low-maintenance element. Rock garden plants require little to no watering, and you'll appreciate the savings on utility bills as well as the extra time you'll have from not having to mow a large lawn. 

You can also use clover as an alternative to lawn grass. Clover doesn't need to be mowed often, holds up well in drought conditions, and doesn't require the use of pesticides to keep it looking good because it's got natural insect-resistant properties. 

Plant Native Plants

Native plants are an excellent choice for those seeking to cut down on landscape maintenance chores. Because they're naturally acclimated to local soil and climate conditions as well as regional pests, they can be grown with a minimum of extra watering and cultivation controls such as insecticides and herbicides. Annual varieties of herbaceous ornamental plants will easily reseed themselves, and perennials won't require extra care to help them over winter. As an added bonus, native plants will provide forage and habitat for local bird species. 

Use Lots of Mulch

If you're seeking to keep weed growth to a minimum and to reduce overall watering in your annual, perennial, and vegetable beds, you'll be glad to know that a good layer of mulch will help you accomplish these goals. Mulch keeps plant roots cool on hot summer days, helps prevent water from evaporating, and discourages the germination of weed seeds. 

Please feel free to reach out to local landscape designers for more helpful information on creating an outdoor environment that serves as your own private sanctuary. 

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