Lawn Care Services That Are Necessary For Healthy Lawns

When your lawn is well-maintained, you spend more time outside relaxing and enjoying the space with family members and friends. Many people like to sit on the lawn and enjoy the adventures of squirrels, butterflies, and bees. Others simply like to enjoy looking at flowering plants and trees. You may just love to read a book out there. Keeping that lawn healthy and green also has its monetary rewards, because it boosts your property value when and if you decide in the future to sell the house. Arrange for lawn care that includes fertilization of grass and weed control.

Soil Status

Soil is where your lawn discussion with a lawn maintenance company begins. It's known that the roots anchoring grass to the ground must be fed nutrients and water in order to thrive. Let your lawn maintenance crew leader know what your goals are for taking care of your lawn. There must be an understanding of the goal of necessary maintenance for the lawn. That goal should be to establish a thicker and much greener lawn. Begin this task by ensuring a healthy foundation in which healthy grass will grow. That foundation lies in good soil.

Lawn Soil Contains Nutrients

It's understood that nutrients are in lawn soil. Your lawn service must then ensure that the soil pH level is adequate by measuring its acidity and alkalinity. The measurement could reveal that the pH is too high or low. That finding means grass plants or other plants are not receiving enough nutrients. Acidic soil creates more weeds and moss in your yard. You need a soil pH level measuring between 6 and 7 to suit most plant types. Your lawn maintenance professionals will assess the soil pH level and it's nutritional status. If there are deficiencies in the soil, that will be addressed by the technicians.


Another must ingredient for your lawn is lawn fertilizer treatment. Soil is loaded with microbes such as arthropods, nematodes, and other worms. Microbes feed on decaying animal and plant residues, which are organic material. The soil then becomes organic matter, which is a great source of fertilization.

Changing Color Of Grass Blades

If you notice that blades of grass on your lawn are yellow, there is a lack of proper nutrients. To avoid this deficiency, have your lawn care company regularly fertilize the lawn throughout the year. Applications of fertilization will strengthen the roots. The strengthened roots, in turn, produce growth of stronger blades. Healthy blades then crowd out weed growth, disease, and harmful insects. The entire process ensures that your lawn will remain greener and healthier annually.

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