Creating A Safe And Attractive Parking Lot For Your Business Customers

If you're like most people who own a commercial establishment that depends on sidewalk traffic for a great deal of your business you already know the importance of creating an aesthetically appealing outdoor facade for the purpose of tempting those passing by to come inside. Whether it's a coffee shop, restaurant, bed-and-breakfast, bookstore, retail shop, art gallery, or any other business that's open to the general public, a shabby appearance can have a dramatically negative impact on your overall bottom line. You probably make sure that the exterior of your business is free of conditions that significantly detract from curb appeal, such as peeling paint, lichen stains, and weedy, unkempt landscaping. 

However, business owners who maintain an immaculate outer facade in order to attract customers sometimes fail to maintain an attractive and safe parking lot. This is a huge mistake — not only does the appearance of your parking lot reflect on your business on a whole, it can create a liability hazard. Fortunately, there are ways that you can create a safer parking lot area that's also attractive. Following are three of them. 

Avoid Fruit and Nut Trees

Even though fruit and nut trees are considered to be attractive by most people, they're better suited for residential backyard environments than for commercial parking lots. Nuts and fruits can cause dents and other damage to vehicles when they fall from the trees, and they also pose slip-and-fall hazards if they're left in the parking lot, the sidewalk, or other surfaces where people walk. Furthermore, fruits and nuts have the potential to attract wildlife, and that's the last thing you need skulking around your commercial parking lot.

Plant Fire-Resistant Vegetation 

Many commercial property owners opt for low-maintenance ground covers like juniper because they provide year-round greenery that rarely needs watering or fertilizing. However, these ground covers are highly flammable because coniferous evergreen pitch contains significant amounts of volatile compounds that catch fire fairly easily — and once ground cover catches fire, it spreads extremely quickly. Use fire-resistant vegetation such as barberry instead.

Keep Shrubbery Well-Trimmed

Unfortunately, parking lots often attract vandals and other criminal types, and overgrown shrubbery provides cover for them to commit their nefarious deeds. Keeping your shrubbery and herbaceous perennials in your parking lot area well-trimmed will help maximize the safety of customers and passerby. This will also help maintain the kind of polished, well-kept look that will reflect on your business in a positive way.   

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