Recommendations to Maintain Your Yard and Lawn

The appearance of your yard's landscaping includes your trees, shrubbery, flowers, and lawn. When your lawn becomes full of weeds or dead spots, it can make your entire yard an eye-sore. Here are some elements to get your yard and lawn looking beautiful and maintained all year long.

Install a New Lawn

When your lawn does not contain a lawn or only remnants of a lawn that has not been taken care of, you can restore your lawn for an immediate improvement to your property. Turf not only gives your yard a manicured appearance but it also controls erosion to the soil and keeps your yard cooler during the heat of the summer months. 

To get a beautiful lawn, there are several ways you can arrange for a new installation, either by laying sod, spraying hydroseed, or spreading loose seed onto prepared soil. However, be sure you arrange for a sprinkler system beforehand so you can keep the area watered to ensure the seeds germinate or the sod takes root in the soil. By professionally installing the system, you will be sure each sprinkler zone will have adequate pressure and the sprayer heads will cover the appropriate areas.

Talk to a local landscape company about either installing sod for an immediate lawn or spraying a hydroseed mixture over the prepared and leveled soil. The soil needs to be free of weeds and rocks but also leveled and supplemented with new topsoil or peat moss and manure. Your landscape professional can prepare your soil for the new lawn and follow up to make sure the lawn becomes established. 

Promote Lawn Health

Once your lawn is established and growing well, be sure you follow regular recommendations to keep its health in check. Apply fertilizer in the early spring, summer, and fall to give your lawn the required nutrients. You can also let the lawn trimmings fall back into the soil to replenish nutrients your lawn needs. 

When any bare patches appear in your lawn, overseed the spaces with new lawn seed and a mixture of peat moss combined into the soil. Then, when your lawn's base becomes unlevel over time, you can apply a topdressing of soil to the lower areas to build them back up and keep a healthy lawn structure.

Arrange Regular Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn trimmed each week during the growing season, which will prevent trimming too much length off your lawn and putting it at risk of damage due to stress. The mower blades should be sharp so they don't shred your lawn, and also look into aeration every couple of years. Your landscape professional can recommend a schedule for you and also provide the service.

Talk to a residential landscaping maintenance service for more help.

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